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We offer a range of solutions in the areas of Wi-Fi, digital signage, car rental management, home automation and wait list systems that fulfil the needs of our customers in every business area.


We offer complete products with your needs in mind. Our tools are made to be user-friendly and to be constantly optimised in line with the new technologies.


Consultancy services, including analysis and advice, regarding technological solutions and systems, with a view to boosting our customers' competitiveness, productivity and performance

All online applications in just one.

UniDashboard is a suite of digital solutions allowing projects to be created, edited and managed on the W4M platforms. These days, in the context of time and resource optimisation, software access and integration have become essential, thus enabling fast access to, and control over, all your projects from a single access point: the UniDashboard.

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Customised web portals with interactive advertising and statistics in real time

WiFi4Media uses Wi-Fi to connect the Internet to targeted advertising. Using a Wi-Fi router and an innovative platform, any hotspot can be made profitable, through advertising sales and by boosting your brand's visibility to customers.

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Queue Management System

The Queue Management System consists of a statistical dashboard hosted on a web platform and which allows the visualization of several waiting and attendance statistical indicators

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Multi-service kiosks

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All the operations and functionalities that your car rental company needs, combined on a single platform.

Rentals is the proprietary application of W4M, developed with aim of responding to all the needs of car hire companies.

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Way2DS is an innovative and easy-to-manage system of disseminating multimedia content; it is becomingly increasing popular in the business world as a means of communication.

Way2DS is an innovative and easy-to-manage system for the dissemination of multimedia content, and is becoming increasingly popular in the business world.

This platform lets users build, manage and manipulate, from a central point (user-friendly, web-based interface), identical or differentiated sets of multimedia content (film playlists, images, text and sound, etc.) through a network of displays (plasmas, TFTs, multimedia kiosks, LED screens and projectors) in selected and geographically dispersed sites, through the Internet or locally.


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